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Fly solo or put together a team, then create a story board or prototype.  Enter to win 4 great prizes, including a top prize of £1000!  Challenge accepted? Get creating!

Open to all Post-Primary students, this competition is being run by BelTech’s Education Day, taking place on Friday 12th April at Titanic, Belfast. Competition entries will be shortlisted to finalists, who will be invited down to BelTech EDU to present their apps.
The closing date to enter your short report is Friday 22nd February 2019
Full submissions must be received by Friday 29th March 2018

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Option 1

Enter an innovative idea for an app and a story board with the design of your app and how it would work

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To create a story board it is recommended to use a mobile prototyping platform which can build and deploy fully interactive mobile app prototypes and simulations that resemble the finished products.
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A few examples are:
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[/one_third] [one_third centered_text=”true”]
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You may choose to use any of the above recommended platforms or any other wire framing tools
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Option 2

Enter an innovative idea for an app and build a working app or a fully working prototype

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Students may choose to use: http://appinventor.mit.edu/explore/
or any other app design software.
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Alternatively, new programmers can try any of the drag-and-drop mobile app development platforms. These are perfect for new developers with no or very few coding skills. A few examples are:
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[/one_fourth] [one_fourth centered_text=”true”]
Infinite monkeys
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[/one_fourth] [one_fourth_last centered_text=”true”]
Mobile Roadie
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Key Dates

Friday 1st March

Deadline to submit your short report describing your innovative idea for a mobile app.

Friday 29th March

Deadline for completed video of your idea

Wednesday 3rd April

Shortlisted students will be notified and invited to pitch their idea at BelTech EDU

Friday 12th April

Finalists attend BelTech EDU to pitch their idea to the panel

Need more info?
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How to Enter

Idea Submission

All participants will be asked to submit a short report describing their innovative idea for the App. The form should be completed with a short report explaining your idea and your contact information.

App Development

Create a storyboard, build an app or working prototype. All prototypes, story boards or apps should be submitted by creating a short (max 90 second ) video explaining the idea and functionality of the App.

Upload Video

After submitting their idea to the BelTech website, each participant or team will receive an upload link and an upload document. Once ready, a folder containing the completed upload document and the finished video should then be uploaded to the provided link.

Judging, Demos and Awards

Once the videos are submitted, they will be reviewed by a panel of experts.
Shortlisted finalists will be invited to present or demo their apps to a panel of experts from industry and a general audience. Attendance is compulsory for the shortlisted finalists.
Prizes will be awarded to the winning apps

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1st prize


Proudly Sponsored by Danske Bank

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2nd prize


Proudly Sponsored by Kainos

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3rd prize


Proudly Sponsored by PwC

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4th prize


Proudly Sponsored by Kainos

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Proudly Sponsored by Kainos, Danske Bank and PwC


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2018 Winners

The four finalists of the BelTech2018 EDU Competition were selected and invited to BelTech EDU.

They faced down the four Dragons and emerged with prizes.

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1st Prize of £1000

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John McElhone, Micheal McLaughlin, Rory McMullan. St. Mary’s Grammar School & St. Louis Grammar School

Proudly Sponsored by

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Crop Safe


Crop Safe is a simple online platform which uses satellite imagery and machine learning to accurately detect and predict impending diseases and contamination within your crops.

This app has the potential to revolutionise the safeguarding of the global agri-food industry.

This project was very successful for John, Michael and Rory – they used their BelTech prize money to develop their idea. They were so successful in fact that they were invited to the Angel Hack ‘HACKcelerator’ in San Francisco.

Angel Hack has a 12 week accelerator program, this connects ambitious hackers with thought-leaders and experience entrepreneurs to help top teams refine their ideas and build their prototype into a fully fledged startup.

“We’d like to thank Kainos for the opportunities they’ve provided to help us get to this point; from pitch practice at CodeCamp, inspiring speakers at BelTech EDU and learning how to build a web app on their work experience scheme. Without these initiatives, we are certain we would not be at the point we’re at today.” – CropSafe Team


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Have a good idea for an app?

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