[heading subtitle=”To cover the theme of DevOps we had a keynote on ‘What is DevOps’ and a discussion on ‘DevOps in Action'”]BelTech 2015- DevOps Keynote
[/heading] [heading subtitle=” What is Devops? Caoimhin Graham-Kainos”]BelTech 2015- DevOps Keynote
[/heading] [one_whole centered_text=”true”] [arve url=”http://infinity21.distribution.s3.amazonaws.com/BelTech2015/beltech2015_day1_009devopskeynote.mp4″ mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes”][/one_whole] [one_whole centered_text=”true”]Beltech 15 [/one_whole] [heading subtitle=” DevOps in Action? Chaired by Gareth Workman – Solution Architect – Kainos
Speakers : Gareth Burns – Head of Development Operations – SQS, Caoimhin Graham – Kainos , Alex Manly – Product Expert – Chef, Brian Doody – DevOps/Automation Consultant – HP, Rosemary McCormack – Citi Group”]BelTech 2015- DevOps Discussion [/heading] [one_whole centered_text=”true”] [arve url=”http://infinity21.distribution.s3.amazonaws.com/BelTech2015/beltech2015_day1_010devopspanel.mp4″][/one_whole] [one_half centered_text=”true”]
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