Speaker: Jonny Crawford, Microfocus.

Thousands of identity thefts are being highlighted recently, such as TALK TALK hitting the headlines.

Username and passwords are a big security issue. Multi factor authentication can make various forms of security work together and be a viable option for all business.

Often, when an organization commits and invests their time and resources in a two factor authentication solution, they do so to meet their needs at the time. Too often, that same organization finds themselves implementing yet another solution to meet new needs.

Most organizations have some private information (financial, customer, regulated, etc.) that requires an added level of user verification not possible with traditional credentials. It’s that type of information that may warrant another level of authentication based on the situation. Is the requester in the building, as expected, or across the country or beyond? Is he using a known device or one not seen before? Perhaps there is other criteria from which you want to control the authentication experience.

We would like to talk about risk based access control that enables you to match the type of authentication to the potential risk of the information or service being accessed.

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