Our discovery sessions are for technologists, founders, and co-founders, right at the beginning of their start-up journey. The sessions will provide you with tools to validate ideas by exploring your customers, competitors, and assumptions. You can join our sessions individually or as a full set, and they’ll all be conducted in person at AI Con.
Session One – 10am Britannic Suite
Discover your customer
In this session we’ll explore the importance of understanding your customers and their goals.
We often make assumptions about how our customers think and feel and expect them to have similar behaviours and experiences to ourselves. This workshop will help you to spot these assumptions and pull together a true reflection of your customers’ pain points and goals.
Session Two – 12pm Britannic Suite
Discover your landscape
This session will explore your competitor landscape and how your product fits in.
When we look at our competitors, we usually only consider those with a product or service like our own. This workshop will help you to look more holistically at the competitor landscape you work in, supporting you to identify true differentiators, and understand how your customers see your value.
Session Three – 3pm Britannic Suite
Discover the unknown
Our final session will map out your start-up assumptions to see how they affect your products’ growth.
As humans, we rely on our assumptions and expectations more than we’d like to think. This workshop will look at your customers, competitors, and value offering so you can understand which of your assumptions could be holding you back. This will give you the power to prove or de-risk them and help you to build momentum for your product or service.

These workshops are available to fully registered attendees and will be limited to 20 places. If you would like to secure a place in advance please email Amy a.dickinson@aisling-events.com