About Gemma

Gemma has 10 years’ experience in the IT industry. As a consultant, she is also responsible for Kainos Education outreach programme, an inclusive programme aiming to raise awareness of careers in IT from a young age. Currently based on a client site in Belfast, her work with Kainos has taken her all over the world – from Europe to North America.
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Why have you agreed to be involved in the Belfast Technology Conference 2015?

I decided to get involved in Belfast Technology Conference because over the years I have worked to promote jobs in IT in schools, and I’ve become increasingly passionate about getting the message across that the IT industry is a great place to be. In particular, I want to raise awareness that there’s such a wide range of careers to choose from – you don’t have to be a coder! The industry is booming, worldwide – in Northern Ireland in particular. There is something to suit all skill sets, and I hope that people leave BelTech with a sense of this. Also, I want to let everyone in on the secret – working in IT is fun- honestly!
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