About Fergal

Fergal is currently VP of Engineering with FinTech startup Bitnet Technologies, who have built a global enterprise payments platform for digital currencies such as Bitcoin.
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Before joining Bitnet Fergal spent two years in Silicon Valley working with CyberSource (Visa) on their eCommerce platform. He has previously held numerous Leadership, Management and Engineering roles in HBOS, Ford Motor Company, Abbey National (Santander) and Fujitsu (ICL). Fergal holds a Computer Science degree from University of Ulster at Coleraine as well as an MSc in Software Process Improvement from Dundalk Institute of Technology. Fergal enjoys the blend of technology, process, people and domain competencies that he can bring to the table providing a cohesive glue across various functions. Outside of work, Fergal has 3 children to keep him busy, but also enjoys running, skiing and cycling (a bug that he got when in California).

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