About Darragh

Darragh is a Big Data Architect at Kainos, leading the Big Data & Analytics practice, where he is responsible for strategy, thought leadership and engagement delivery.
A firm believer in only getting out of life what you are prepared to put in, Darragh is on a life-long mission to learn one thing: more. When not on-the-job, Darragh is usually up a mountain or in a squash court.  

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Darragh graduated from the University of Ulster in 2005 as the highest performing Software Engineering student. He subsequently joined Kainos and spent several years as a Software Engineer developing and supporting Financial Services applications.
Darragh then became a founding member of Kainos’ Workday Practice, responsible for leading the delivery of integration functionality between SaaS and on-site systems. He has since been both a Product Architect and Product Owner and most recently, has been tasked with heading up a thriving team of engineers and scientists who revel in tackling difficult data challenges

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