About Connla

Connla McCann is a fluent Irish speaker with an MSc in Business and IT from Dublin City University and a BA Hons in Celtic Studies, UU. She began her in career in event management in 2005 with the Belfast Media Group and specializes in awards ceremonies and conferences in Ireland and the United States.

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Why have you agreed to be involved in the Belfast Technology Conference 2015?

Belfast’s emergence as a digital technology hub is not news to those of working at the heart of this dynamic city, however too often we have been guilty of hiding our lights under a bushel.  Having spent the last decade training the spotlight on our strengths (through a range of high profile awards and conferences) for me it is now time for this most exhilarating of industries to take its place centre stage. The legacy of innovation which began in the linen mills and dock yards is apparent now in our software developments and information technologies. I am here to see this rich heritage taken forward to my daughter’s generation whilst inspiring those of mine.

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