Kainos develop digital technology that helps people work smarter, better and faster. We provide full lifecycle development and support of customised Digital Services for government and commercial customers all over the world, and build innovative software products that make life easier for our clients and their customers. We employ around 1,000 staff across eight offices in Europe and the USA.

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Matrix, the Northern Ireland Science Industry Panel, is an industry led body which advises government and informs academia and industry on the commercial exploitation of R&D and science and technology in Northern Ireland.

Matrix produces in-depth reports outlining the findings and recommendations of our specialist panels. These reports are an invaluable resource for anyone interested in how new technologies and market opportunities can be developed within the NI economy and beyond.

Our latest report, “AI Research Capabilities in Northern Ireland”, will be launched at AICON. It suggests that the right components are in place to establish an AI Centre of Excellence in Northern Ireland.

The report demonstrates that individually, UU and QUB are significant sources of AI research excellence. Collectively, they constitute a UK powerhouse. If the AI publications they produce are pooled, UU and QUB together would rank 6th in the UK in terms of the number of publications produced to date during the current UK Research Excellence Framework.

We’re currently conducting research into the Agritech sector, and will be holding a workshop at AICON to investigate the applications of AI in agriculture and food production.

Our website has all the latest science and technology news and events, as well as a library of our reports and other relevant publications and details of UK and Irish funding competitions and SBRIs.

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Digital Catapult Northern Ireland

Unlocking NI’s potential through collaboration, inspiration and technology Digital Catapult Northern Ireland focus is to help large and small organisations work smarter, more creatively and efficiently through adopting innovative digital technologies. We specialise on the three technology programmes where we can make the most impact. These are: future networks, artificial intelligence and immersive. We also explore the areas that have the potential to be a future focus for UK industry as broad enabling technologies necessary for many of our projects. Digital Catapult Northern Ireland is a gateway for companies based in Northern Ireland companies to access the full range of services as part of the Digital Catapult network. Advanced digital technologies only reach their potential if they are applied to industry. We focus on sectors ready to create the most value to the region and through collaboration aim to bridge the gap between small businesses, corporations and academia to address the challenges faced by business. Northern Ireland has a strong tradition of innovation and the development of digital solutions will help us compete on a global scale, promoting the region as a hub for new technology and ideas.


Datactics has a passion for the people in data.

We’ve spent the best part of 20 years developing business-user focused data quality & matching technology, making access to clean and usable data within reach of the people who use it.

Our leaders and board have significant experience in financial data, banking and finance, and growing technologically advanced companies. They have helped nurture Datactics into a thriving and vibrant partner to our clients.

We’ve a diverse team of nearly 50 people, based mainly in our tech centre in the heart of Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Artificial Intelligence Northern Ireland (AI NI)

Artificial Intelligence Northern Ireland (AI NI) is a collaborative network focused around the development and support of the Northern Ireland AI community. We were founded in 2018 and since then have had around 15 meet-up events a year, 2 Hackathons and grown to over 1,400 members with an expansion out to the North West. All our events are designed to educate and stimulate discussion around key topics within the AI space or new developments in technology, but most importantly highlight the success of the community and foster collaboration between our members. These events range from insightful talks, educational workshops, panel discussions and Hackathons. AI NI aims to welcome those of all experience levels and diverse backgrounds to ensure that no matter our audience, our attendees will learn something new and connect with members of the community. We aim to showcase the excellence in AI talent that is within Northern Ireland and use this to share knowledge further to help address skills gaps and increase expertise. Recently this has led to the expansion of our Academy meetups, that are hand’s on practical workshops designed to support the understanding of developing Machine Learning systems. We’re excited to be involved with AI Con 2019 and supporting an event that both showcases and celebrates the work being done within the AI space both locally and globally.


Established in 1998, Allstate NI provides high quality software development services and business solutions in support of its parent company, The Allstate Corporation. Allstate is Northern Ireland’s largest IT Company with 2,400 employees across three sites in Belfast, L’Derry and Strabane. Allstate NI is a major center for innovative software development, covering the full software lifecycle of design, development, maintenance and support. Allstate NI is one of the most dynamic and innovative organisations in the province. In the last few years, emerging technologies have become integral to the business, forming the backbone of future innovation. Allstate NI has been on a digital transformation journey for several years now – a process of future-proofing the Allstate organisation. Allstate NI are working methodically to develop new innovations and possibilities, defining the ambitions for tomorrow and into the future. Allstate are growing talent and expertise in: data, full stack development, JAVA, cyber security, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, automation and Cloud. Allstate NI values each individual and creates an environment that encourages open dialogue in a collaborative context. Across all business areas and management levels, we ensure that recognition is integral at every stage. From our in-house High5 reward system, to team events; performance bonuses; Allstate is committed to promoting a culture of Respect, Recognition and Reward. Valuing each other extends outside of the organisation too. We are committed to supporting our local communities through our award winning Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programmes. AT ALLSTATE NI WE VALUE:
  • Each other
  • Freedom of action
  • Agility with purpose
  • Being change catalysts
  • Leaving things better than we found them

  • Ulster University

    Ulster University is the largest University in Northern Ireland, with many campuses across the country.
    Ulster University is a significant source of AI research excellence with a dedicated Artificial Intelligence Research Centre.

    AIRC aims to develop cutting-edge AI theories, algorithms and tools, and to create state of the art AI solutions for practical problems through engagement with stakeholders and users, and alignment with University, local, national and European initiatives.

    AIRC operates across a number of key research areas.
    • Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning
    • Knowledge Engineering
    • Data Analytics and Systems

    Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI)

    Invest Northern Ireland (Invest NI), the region’s economic development agency, works in partnership with new and existing businesses offering advice and financial assistance in order to develop and expand the business to improve capability and international competitiveness. Northern Ireland has accumulated a number of industry accolades with Belfast ranked as the number one city in Europe for new software development projects, the top destination for financial technology investment projects, and the top international location for US cyber security development projects. A revolution in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is already emerging, and Northern Ireland has the potential to replicate global success in this sector. The region’s AI start-up and SME tech community is already thriving due to harnessing talent through incubation, a highly developed entrepreneurial ecosystem, and a vibrant networking scene. To help businesses adopt Digital ICT and AI technologies, Invest NI can provide a range of services and support including:
    • Employment & training grants
    • Research and development grants
    • Finance investments and loans
    • Market development assistance
    • Property search, talent sourcing and business development support
    • Dedicated Invest NI project team
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    Belfast City Council

    We’re passionate about empowering aspiring entrepreneurs across Belfast, supporting existing businesses to become more profitable and attracting investment to the city to help grow a more inclusive economy.

    And we’re committed to creating job and placement opportunities and upskilling Belfast’s people through our Employment Academies.

    To find out how we can help you achieve your business goals through free advice, mentoring, support programmes and incentives, register your interest at www.belfastcity.gov.uk/businessregistration call 028 9027 0482 or email economicdevelopment@belfastcity.gov.uk

    We look forward to working with you!