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The sixth annual Belfast Technology Conference event will be the premiere high tech event of 2019, curated by Kainos and hosted by Aisling Events Ltd. BelTech EDU is back on Friday 12th April, 10am – 2pm in Titanic Belfast.

We will have a morning of exciting demos and inspiring talks that will educate and enthuse kids, parents and teachers about the potential of a career in technology, thereby building the NI digital skill base and reinforcing Belfast’s global lead in this area.

There will be an exhibition of leading NI and Global High tech organisations to allow students to get a more detailed understanding of the people, products and innovations covered in the conference.

Overall, it will showcase the best of our local talent and achievements and will illustrate how exciting a career in the tech industry can be here in the North of Ireland!

Book places for your students early to avoid disappointment!

Agenda to be announced soon.

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With exhibition stands and speakers from leading NI global tech organisations, students found out how Artificial Intelligence is in use today and how it will shape the future. They got to know the people, products and innovations in the tech industry today. The event showed how the growing digital skill base in Northern Ireland is reinforcing our global lead in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and beyond. Students, parents and teachers alike left with an insight into how exciting a career in technology could be.


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