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2018 EDU Competition Winners

[one_half] [heading subtitle=”John McElhone, Micheal McLaughlin, Rory McMullan. St. Mary’s Grammar School & St. Louis Grammar School
“]1st Prize £1000[/heading]

Proudly Sponsored By

[/one_half] [one_half_last] [heading subtitle=”Crop Safe
“]App Idea[/heading]

Crop Safe is a simple online platform which uses satellite imagery and machine learning to accurately detect and predict impending diseases and contamination within your crops.

This app has the potential to revolutionise the safeguarding of the global agri-food industry.

This project was very successful for John, Michael and Rory – they used their BelTech prize money to develop their idea. They were so successful in fact that they were invited to the Angel Hack ‘HACKcelerator’ in San Francisco.

Angel Hack has a 12 week accelerator program, this connects ambitious hackers with thought-leaders and experience entrepreneurs to help top teams refine their ideas and build their prototype into a fully fledged startup.

“We’d like to thank Kainos for the opportunities they’ve provided to help us get to this point; from pitch practice at CodeCamp, inspiring speakers at BelTech EDU and learning how to build a web app on their work experience scheme. Without these initiatives, we are certain we would not be at the point we’re at today.” – CropSafe Team

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